July 22, 2024

Your Guide and Outfitter

Born and raised in Alaska, I killed my first Alaskan big game animal at age ten, which ignited a lifelong passion for hunting and the wilderness. After graduating from the Holderness School in New Hampshire, I began my professional guiding career at the age of 18, while attending St. Lawrence University and then later the University of Alaska-Fairbanks during the off-season months. As a licensed, Master Guide I have hunted and guided professionally throughout the state for over 30 years and currently operate in three unique regions of Alaska for Trophy Dall Sheep, moose, grizzly and brown bear, all within different, somewhat trophy game specific regions.

Guiding is quite simply my passion and I would love being in the field with you and sharing in your experiences. Whether it is a trophy Dall sheep, brown bear, moose or grizzly, I gain no greater satisfaction than watching a big smile stretch across your face as the photographs and video are taken of you and your trophy.

Our small operation provides you with a superior, personalized, top quality hunt. Our hunts are strictly fair-chase and my commitment to you is that my guides and I will do everything within our power and the confines of the law to provide you with a safe, successful and memorable hunting adventure. I believe that the combination of game-rich hunting areas, one guide-one hunter ratio, the very limited number of hunters I choose to accommodate each year and my dedication to quality will provide you with a rewarding and exciting hunting safari. High success ratios, excellent trophy quality and the warm friendly atmosphere you will experience bring many of our hunters back repeatedly.

While we have helped our hunters harvest Boone & Crockett class animals of each of the major species we guide for, we embrace Jose Ortega y Gasset’s philosophy that “One does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted”. We do not believe the quality of a hunt, or hunter, is measured in inches, points or score. Instead, it should be measured by the overall experience, adventure and true hunt for the oldest, largest animal that can be found. To date we have been very successful in helping our hunters fulfill their dreams and have helped them harvest some truely world-class animals. One always must remember though that regardless of where you may choose to hunt in Alaska, that you are not “buying” an animal or paying for a kill but instead for an Alaskan hunting adventure. Not only is it illegal by the State of Alaska laws but we believe it unethical, unsportsman-like and unprofessional to guarantee a kill. I can promise you that my guides and I will put forth 110% effort to try to help you hunt, in the fairest-chase manner, a trophy animal that you will be proud of.

We look forward to the possibility of hunting with you this season or in the future!

All the best & good hunting,
Henry Tiffany
Master Guide and Outfitter

Henry Tiffany with his children (left to right) Jillian, Reed, Henry V and Marin