July 22, 2024

Prices: Hunt Year 2025

Prices: Hunt Year 2025 (unless otherwise noted)

Brooks Range:

1×1 Guided & Filmed 10-day Trophy Dall Sheep Hunts: $30,300
(Grizzly and other animals on trophy fee basis)
Fly-in Fee: $4,350

1×1 Guided & Filmed 10-day Trophy Arctic Grizzly Hunts: $23,950
(Other animals on trophy fee basis)
Fly-in Fee: $4,350

ANWR Arctic Grizzly & Caribou Combination Hunt:

2026 1×1 Guided & Filmed 12-day Trophy Arctic Grizzly & Caribou Hunt: $24,950 (2025 fully booked)
(Dall Sheep, Wolf (and potentially moose) on trophy fee basis)
Fly-in Fee: $5,000

Alaska Peninsula Izembek NWR Exclusive Guide-Use Area:

(Currently booked thru 2026)

2027 1×1 Guided & Filmed 15-day Trophy Brown Bear Hunt: $46,300

Trophy Fees (for additional animals harvested):

Grizzly Bear (as 2nd animal): $8,000
Moose (as 2nd animal): $10,00
Caribou: $5,500
Black Bear: $5,500
Wolf: $800
Wolverine: $800

Cash, traveler’s check & cashier’s checks accepted for trophy fees.


To guarantee that you will be guided personally during your hunt by Master Guide Henry Tiffany requires an additional fee of $6,000. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis for any species during any hunt period.

In the event that, for any reason, Henry Tiffany is unable to personally guide the hunter that has reserved his personal, in-the-field guiding services for the required additional $6,000 fee, then the full additional fee of $6,000 will be fully refunded to that hunter and that hunter will be guided by one of our other fully licensed, qualified and excellent guides.

“A big game tag may be used for another species of equal or lower value, but a tag may not be used more than once, nor can two or more tags be put onto one animal.”
State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game Hunting Regulations

*State of Alaska license and tag fees, as well as, hunting season dates are subject to change in July of each year by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Terms of Hunt
One of my duties, I believe, is to help prepare hunters both physically and mentally for the challenges and rewards that await them on their Alaskan hunting safaris. With this goal in mind, I always attempt to give each hunter as much information as I possibly can about a hunt so that they can make a more informed decision. I do not guarantee a kill. Not only is it illegal by the laws of Alaska, but I also consider it unprofessional and unethical. I can promise you that my guides and I will do everything within our power and the confines of the law to provide you with a safe, successful and enjoyable hunting adventure.

A deposit of one-half the total price of the hunt is required at the time of booking, or six months (180 days) prior to the commencement date of your hunt, whichever occurs first, to reserve your hunt and hunt date. The remaining balance of the hunt is required, in full, on or before June 1st of the year the hunt is to commence. In the case of spring brown bear or other spring hunts, the remaining balance of hunt is required, in full, on or before March 1st of the year the hunt is to commence. Hunter will not be permitted to begin hunt until full payment has been received. Hunter will further agree to pay any and/or all trophy(ies) fees as described and agreed to on then Hunt Contract in U.S. currency in the form of either Cash, Travelers Checks or Certified Checks to the Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions, LLC, or one of their authorized representatives, before either they or said trophy(ies) leaves the field. If the hunter cancels the hunt during the period of less than 180 days prior to the commencement date of hunt, the hunter shall not be entitled to a refund, however hunt deposits, though not refundable, may be transferred to a different hunter / client if the Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions, LLC is notified of such changes in writing by the originally contracted hunter 30 days or more before the commencement date of contracted hunt. If the hunter cancels the hunt during the period of more than 180 days prior to the commencement date of hunt the hunter shall receive a full refund of the deposit paid to the date of cancellation, less or minus a $6,000.00 service charge and less or minus any and/or all commissions paid to any and/or all booking agents or other agents by Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions, LLC or hunter. Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions, LLC must be notified by registered mail of any cancellations or changes. Any hunts and/or amounts to be transferred to another hunter/client must be with the written approval of the Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions, LLC.

A non-hunting companion may accompany a hunter on their hunt for the non-hunter daily rate of $650 per day plus their required fly-in fee, if applicable, which is paid directly to the air-taxi transporter for each passenger.

A hunt contract, accompanied by a suggested equipment list, tentative itinerary, and final details will be sent to you upon your verbal commitment to the hunt. A confirmation notification will be sent upon receipt of your deposit.