April 22, 2024

2020 Season Report

Thanks to the determination and tenacity of our hunters, and the excellent guides that work with me, I am very pleased to report that we survived the Covid-19 plandemic!  Despite all of the unprecedented challenges we faced this season because of it, we prevailed and had another great season!

Due to European travel restrictions, and one US hunters concerns regarding Covid, we did have a few hunters that were unable to join us this year but 7 of our 8 Dall Sheep hunters harvested beautiful rams with us this year! A lot of miles and extra effort were required but their determination, perseverance and physical training yielded wonderful dividends for them.    One hunter underestimated the physical fitness required for a traditional, fair-chase backpack, spike camp style Dall Sheep hunt and was troubled during the hunt by the news of losing a close friend while he was in the field so he did not harvest a ram.

Our species specific dedicated Arctic Mountain Grizzly hunter harvested a beautiful bear as did two of our other hunters, all of which were in the typical size range of 7’ to 8’ and all three Arctic Grizzlies had beautiful hides!

As always, I owe many thanks and much gratitude to my hunters and my guides but even more so this 2020 season for their dogged determination to continue with our fall season, as scheduled and planned, despite all of the varied Covid-19 challenges which together, working as a team, we were able to surmount!  We already anxiously await the 2021 season, including a special spring 2021 Brown Bear season to make up for the lost opportunity this spring by the State of Alaska closure of the spring 2020 bear season due to the plandemic, without the hinderance and shadow of the Covid-19 plandemic hanging over us.