July 22, 2024

ANWR Arctic Grizzly & Barren Ground Caribou Combination Hunt


Conducted from our remote tent camp in my Exclusive Guide-Use Area, within the famed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, this combination hunt for Arctic Grizzly and Barren Ground Caribou offers a great opportunity to hunt both species simultaneously!  We focus on larger boar (male) true Arctic Grizzly (in the 7 ½’ to almost 8 ½’ range) and we have harvested a number of these big old bears that squared over 8’ and a few that have even made it into the B&C all-time record book.  We see some very nice Caribou bulls every season, which are remarkable animal, and mount, with their white manes contrasted against their dark, gnarly, magnificent antlers!

As a potential benefit, there are also two Dall Sheep tags available under my quota for this area during this hunt period.  As such hunters can hunt Dall Sheep, if the weather, opportunity and their physical and mental condition allow, on a large trophy fee basis, which is only paid if the animal is harvested (or wounded).  Due to this unique opportunity, a hunter could potentially hunt and harvest Arctic Grizzly, Caribou, Dall Sheep and Wolf all on the same hunt, provided Lady Luck is smiling down upon them!  Over the course of the next few seasons, we will also be exploring the possibility of adding Trophy Bull Moose to the available species to be hunted in this area.  For years, over the course of August, we have seen some very nice bull moose in my area but have generally left the area for my “old” moose area in early September so have not been in my ANWR in September enough to determine the feasibility of hunting bull moose there, in conjunction with the other species, but will be determining so this season and the new one or two and may very well also be offering a few, select trophy bull moose hunts in my ANWR area as well in the near future.