June 17, 2024

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

Trophy Brown Bear Hunt on the Alaska Peninsula – Exclusive-Use Guide Area!

AT THE END OF THE ALASKA PENINSULA, between Cold Bay and False Pass, Alaska is my unique trophy brown bear camp, home to some of the world’s largest brown bear! I hold the exclusive-use guide area permit for this region within the world famous Izembek National Wildlife Refuge – my guides and I are the only guides allowed to legally hunt within this region. My area encompasses most of the land surrounding Morzhovoi Bay and we have had excellent success in this area on truly world class bears. Under my exclusive-use guide permit I am allowed four bear permits each fall and four bear permits each spring and thus far most all bears harvested have squared over 10 feet, save a few, including two bow hunters brown bear that squared at 9’ 11” and 9′ 6″!

Again in 2016, we harvested a world record brown bear with a B&C score of 28 12/16″, one of a number of such bears we have harvested in this area, and we have had the honor of guiding some very notable and dedicated bow hunters that have harvested some incredibly large brown bear with skulls close to 28″ and squared sizes of 10′ 5″ and a tremendous 11′!
This region of the Alaska Peninsula consistently produces some of the largest, record-book brown bear in the world! You can expect to generally view up to 10 to 30 bears during your hunt.

We have four separate camps situated throughout the area, each with a guide and hunter in each camp. The camps are generally comprised of two “Bomb Shelter” style (approximately 10’x10’ tents), one of which is used as the cooking and dining tent and the other as the sleeping tent. Cots are provided in the sleeping tents to aid in comfort and all hunting within the area is done on foot and is strictly fair-chase.

This remote bay is the farthest west bay on the Pacific Coast mainland of North America . In fact it is even farther west than most of Hawaii . At the head of the Bay, only a few miles of rolling tundra separates the mighty Pacific Ocean from the treacherous Bering Sea.

This hunt does require patience, resilience to inclement weather, and sometimes just plain “nasty” storms, and a great deal of glassing. It is almost guaranteed that you will lose at least two or three days, at a minimum, of hunting due to bad weather and that is why, unlike many other Alaska, Peninsula guides, I make all of my brown bear hunts 16 days long – even if a few days of hunting are lost due to a storm there still remains ample time to harvest your trophy brown bear! Though this secluded bay is logistically expensive and difficult to get to, if you are looking for a huge, potentially record book, brown bear and an adrenalin pumping experience you’ll not soon forget, this is the place to hunt!



Brown Bear

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