August 22, 2019


2018 Report

The 2018 season started very well this spring with all but one of our hunters harvesting beautiful, 10 foot plus trophy brown bears with us in my Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Exclusive-Use guide area. They were 10’2”, 10’4” and 10’9” with from 27 8/16” to 27 10/16” skulls. The one hunter that didn’t get a bear could have easily shot a 9’6” bear at 50 yards on the second day of his hunt but it … Read More

2017 Report

2017, our 27th year hunting Dall Sheep in the Brooks Range, was another very safe, successful and enjoyable Dall Sheep season for us.  We had horrible weather this August (the last time I recall it being so consistently poor was in the fall of 1995) with a great deal of rain, low clouds, poor visibility, and snow.  Despite the poor weather challenges that Mother Nature threw at us, and the fact … Read More

2016 Season Report

For the most part the weather was cooperative during our 2016 season, which proved to be another good season for us.  It started with a good Spring Trophy Brown Bear season with three of our four hunters harvesting great bears!! They averaged 10’3 (10′ 2″, 9′ 11″ and 10′ 9″ respectively) and the largest skull was 28 12/16″ B&C (29 3/16″ SCI)!!! Our fourth hunter went after a 10′ + bear but … Read More