May 22, 2024

Nurturing our youths’ passion for the outdoors!

Tuff Kids OutdoorsAs may be apparent from looking at our site and our professional guiding business, we love the outdoors, we love hunting and we love sharing both with others. The future of hunting, and the preservation of our great outdoors, lies in the hands of our youth. What better way to help introduce our kids, the future stewards of that which we as adults have come to cherish, to the wilderness than by equipping them properly to enjoy their time afield with the right gear. As adults, we are afforded a great many choices in the types, styles, and sizes of outdoor apparel and equipment we can use in the field, but our younger generation are not so fortunate. A new company, Tuff Kids Outdoors,, is a great Alaskan owned and operated business that helps to fill the niche for outdoor clothing and gear focused entirely on our younger generation; they specialize in kids outdoor clothing and gear!

We hold no stake in Tuff Kids Outdoors besides the fact we love hunting, we love the outdoors, we love kids, and the future is in helping to nurture our youths’ passion for both. I encourage you to visit their site, get some of the right gear for the kids in your life and take them into the field with you! The rewards and satisfaction you will gain introducing and/or sharing the time afield with them are unmeasurable and may just help to spark, or fan, the flames of another future hunter, conservationist and outdoor enthusiast!