June 17, 2024

Salmon River Moose & Grizzly

Salmon River Grizzly & Moose Hunt

NORTH OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE in the rolling hills of the southern Brooks Range is our “Salmon River” Trophy Moose & Grizzly Camp. Located near my Moose River Camp, this secret, salmon spawning hotspot is a fantastic hunt for trophy, Arctic Barren Ground Grizzlies as well as Trophy Bull Moose. Over the last few seasons we have had a high success rate on grizzly in this area with some of these true, Arctic grizzlies having been in the 8’6″ range with some of their skulls pushing 24″ B&C! This hunt is unique in that it offers a hunter an excellent opportunity at a big, trophy grizzly as well as a trophy bull moose typically in the 58″ to 63″ range, though some of our hunters have harvested bulls in the upper 60″ range.

Patience is important when hunting these grizzlies which can congregate in a concentrated area of the river to feed on the last of the protein rich salmon before early winter sends them to the surrounding mountains hills and their dens. You can typically expect to see between one and five grizzlies during your hunt and some of the encounters and shots have been as close as ten yards so calm nerves and a steady rifle can be quite advantageous! The weather, water level of the river and salmon run are all important and contributing factors to the density of the grizzlies on the river but they are also found feeding on berries in the “flats” in September if they are not on the river feeding on fish.

Salmon River Grizzly Hunting

Trophy bull moose are generally spotted from the excellent vantage points along the river and are hunted using the spot and stalk technique, as well as also being “called” towards hunters as the bulls travel the river’s edge and meadows in search of cows and the other bulls that challenge them.

On this hunt, a hunter has the option of choosing which animal, Arctic grizzly or bull moose, is their top priority and primary objective. The other animal may be hunted provided you have purchased the necessary big game tag(s) and agree to pay the trophy fee upon harvesting a moose or grizzly as the second animal, if you so wish. This hunt is operated and contracted with my close friend, Registered Guide Fred Harbison, whom I have known for over 35 years and who first hunted in this area with me over 25 years ago.

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