September 23, 2018


2017 Report

2017, our 27th year hunting Dall Sheep in the Brooks Range, was another very safe, successful and enjoyable Dall Sheep season for us.  We had horrible weather this August (the last time I recall it being so consistently poor was in the fall of 1995) with a great deal of rain, low clouds, poor visibility, and snow.  Despite the poor weather challenges that Mother Nature threw at us, and the fact … Read More

2016 Season Report

For the most part the weather was cooperative during our 2016 season, which proved to be another good season for us.  It started with a good Spring Trophy Brown Bear season with three of our four hunters harvesting great bears!! They averaged 10’3 (10′ 2″, 9′ 11″ and 10′ 9″ respectively) and the largest skull was 28 12/16″ B&C (29 3/16″ SCI)!!! Our fourth hunter went after a 10′ + bear but … Read More

2015 Season Report

Mother Nature made this a rather challenging sheep season for us, as the weather was generally very poor and we lost 50% to 60% of our available hunting time due to low clouds and poor visibility obscuring the higher elevations where many of the rams are typically found. Coupled with the horrible visibility was a lot of rain, snow and wind that left the mountains mottled with snow, which are … Read More

2014 Season Report

Our 2014 guiding and hunting season has started off excellently with another very safe, successful and enjoyable spring trophy brown bear season in our exclusive guide-use area on the Alaska Peninsula in the Izembek NWR. We were once again 100% successful with all four of our hunters this spring harvesting beautiful, large boar (male) bears that all had excellent hair quality. The bears were … Read More

2013 Season Report

The weather during the 2013 fall season was, fortunately, much improved over the generally poor weather we experienced during the 2012 season. With that better weather our hunters were able, for the most part, to spend more time in the field actually hunting and thus were able to harvest some beautiful trophies this year. During our Trophy Dall Sheep season in August, 7 of our 11 hunters … Read More

2012 Season Report

Despite the very unusual climactic challenges we faced this spring, our hunters did harvest two really nice bears (official B&C score of 28 5/16” that squared just at 11' and 27 10/16” that squared 10' 2") ! We had a mere three days of actual spring-like weather during the spring brown bear hunts this year (May 20, 21 and 22 were the nice days) and then the wintry conditions returned. Overall … Read More

2011 Season Report

We had another great Trophy Dall Sheep season this August, where 8 of our 10 hunters harvested trophy rams. Of the two hunters that did not get a ram, one got a shot at a nice ram but unfortunately missed and the other hunter had an old ankle injury rear its ugly head during the beginning of his hunt with us and thus was unable to hike / hunt much for the remainder of his hunt. Two of the rams … Read More