May 25, 2018

2011 Season Report

We had another great Trophy Dall Sheep season this August, where 8 of our 10 hunters harvested trophy rams. Of the two hunters that did not get a ram, one got a shot at a nice ram but unfortunately missed and the other hunter had an old ankle injury rear its ugly head during the beginning of his hunt with us and thus was unable to hike / hunt much for the remainder of his hunt. Two of the rams harvested exceeded 39″ and the averaged size of the rams taken this year was about 36.5″. One of our hunters also harvested a huge Arctic Grizzly that squared over 8′, in addition to his trophy ram, and a different hunter harvested a large wolf along with his ram. Many other trophy rams were spotted during the season and the prospects for the 2012 season are excellent.

We also had a good moose / grizzly season with a big, beautiful 64″ bull being harvested along with two grizzlies and one wolf being killed. The bull moose population continues to steadily increase in this area and we are looking forward to another great season in 2012.

In my exclusive guide-use area on the Peninsula we saw a lot of trophy brown bears this fall between the different camps, at least 70 bears, many of which were very large bears. Mid-way through the hunt a bright, full moon with clear night skies developed, which made the bears even more nocturnal than they naturally are so the second half of the hunt was slow in terms of bear activity in comparison to the first half.

This fall we had three dedicated and committed bow hunters hunting with us and while all three got close to some very large bears only one was able to harvest a bear. He shot his trophy 9′ bear at 17 yards! One of the other hunters got within 47 yards of a 10′ bear but that was still just a little too far for an assured clean kill under the conditions and the third bow hunter was able to get within about 80 yards of a trophy class bear and within 20 yards of smaller bears but we don’t consider a bear under 9′ to be a harvestable trophy in my area due to their size and age. The two bow hunters that did not harvest bears both said it was one of their best hunts ever and both would like to return and hunt with us again as soon as possible and an opening is available.

If all of our hunters had been rifle hunters this fall than by the 7th day of the hunt each would have already harvested 10+ class bears but with their dedication to bow hunting using a rifle was certainly never an option for them. With the high number of trophy bears we saw again this fall, the prospects for this coming 2012 spring season and the following 2013 fall season are looking great and we are all anxious and eager to head back into the field this coming May!